Call for Action / English

Against the EU security summit in Innsbruck!

Days of action 11 – 13 July / Innsbruck

Rally, Thursday, 12 July / Innsbruck / Annasäule / 6.30 pm

From 11 to 13 July 2018, there will be an informal meeting of EU justice and home affairs ministers in Innsbruck, where people like Salvini, Seehofer, and Kickl will discuss topics such as „combating extremism“ and „protecting the EU’s external borders“.
But what security and protection are they actually talking about? They talk about protecting a capitalist economic system which exploits people globally and forces them to flee in many places; they talk about security in the form of control and surveillance. So the aim is to protect power relations that accept exploitation, social inequality, oppression and the death of people. This „security“ means militarization and isolation on the outside and authoritarian surveillance (retention of data, eavesdropping, spying on) on the inside.

The brutality of the border regime can be seen in the torture and enslavement of refugees in Libya, the drowning of thousands of people in the Mediterranean every year, or in alliance with Erdogan’s inhuman dictatorship which aims at relocating the walls of the Fortress Europe further to the outside. The prevailing understanding of „internal security“ is leading to an ever-increasing tightening of repression – from new „security“ laws all over Europe to the absurdly elaborate surveillance of public places.

Are these really the forms of security and protection that enable a life in human dignity?
What about social security, the security of people fleeing the country?

What about environmental protection or protection against exploitation and oppression?

Against Fortress Europe!
Let’s fight for our freedom!
For a society that leads to a life in dignity. Dignity for every human being, not only for a few!
For a society without borders that offers social security for all!

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